DU 320
Product description

DU series windrow turners are independent of the windrow shape - for windrows of materials of variable width and height. High throughput rates, short set-up times and flexible use on the spot are their strong points. The side milling cutter discs are equipped with wear-resistant, easily replaceable tools. The turners are fixed to the corresponding tractor by three-point linkage.

Ranges of application: turning and processing compost windrows, contaminated soil, windrows of shredded waste residues and biowaste.

Technical characteristics:
Weight 5,5 tn
Engine приводной вал трактора
Engine power 228/310 kW / hp
Disc cutters 2 шт.,6 зубцов / 3 лопатки на каждой
Diameter 1 160 mm
Transport dimensions 2 710/ 3 070/ 3 680 mm