Truxor DM 5000
Product description

An amphibious machine with a load-sensitive hydraulic
system. This means that the hydraulic power is adaptable to the power each tool requires.

Truxor DM 5000 has a Kubota diesel engine with high torque. This allows for driving at lower rpm which keeps emission
low and reduces wear.

The right joystick operates the tools. The left joystick controls the steering. Operations requiring low speed and added
traction can be regulated using an adjuster switch on the
instrument panel.

The load-sensitive hydraulic system optimizes the hydraulic power outtake to take full benefit of the delivered power from the diesel engine.

The machine is delivered with standard hydraulic oil ISO WG 46. The machine can also be delivered with ECO-oil on order (Panolin).

Truxor DM 5000 has a suction type cooling fan with better cooling capacity and lower noise level. The air intake to the radiator has a metal filter that prevents the radiator cells from being blocked by insects,etc. The good capacity of the cooling system makes this a highly recommended machine for use in tropical climates.

• Ergonomic driving position
• Load-sensitive hydraulic system (LS)
• Filter system for radiator air intake
• Larger range of tools
• Standard equipped with work lights
• More hydraulic outlets for tool operation
• Electric-heated driver's seat
• Adjustable flow to hydraulic outlets.
Technical Data - Truxor DM 5000
Motor: Kubota D1305 diesel 29 hk / 3000 rpm. Environmental class Interim TIER 4 / Stage 3 A. Euro Class 3 Built-in stop function if engine overheats or oil pressure is too low.

Cooling system: Combined radiator for motor and hydraulic system. Air intake with filter prevents dirt in the cells.

Driver’s seat: Ergonomic design, adjustable driver’s seat with electrically heated chair, collapsible cab, adjustable control levers.

Electric system: 12 V, 40 A-generator, 45 Ah-battery.

Instrumentpanel: revolutions, motor temperature, control lights, hydraulic oil temperature, hydraulic pressure and fuel gauge.

Left hand Joystick: For driving the machine.
Hydraulic outlet 1 - work pressure 140 bar, adjustable flow 0-25 l/min. Hydraulic outlet 2 - work pressure 130 bar, flow 11 l/min.

Right hand Joystick: Lifts, tilts, weight displacement.
Hydraulic outlet 3 – work pressure 150 bar, adjustable flow 0-50 l/min

Driving speed: 0-100 m/min.

Front lifts: Lifting power 250 kg, DM-bracket for fast exchange of tools.

Material: Pontoon made of saltwater resistant aluminium. Hot-dip galvanized steel construction. Dimensions: Length 4,7 m. Width 2,06 m.Height 2,1 m.
Weight: 1390 kg.
Equipment: Work lighting, service tools.

Technical characteristics:
Engine Kubota D 1305
Net engine power 21,6/29,1 kW / hp
Speed 0-100 m/min
Front lifts lifting power 250 kg
Transport dimensions 4 700/ 2 060/ 2 100 mm
Operating weight 1390 kg