GMK 7450
Product description

The Grove flagship, GMK7450 offers a 450t maximum capacity on a seven-axle carrier with a 60m Twin-Lock boom. The optional Mega-Wing-Lift attachment increases capacity throughout the working range. The fully automatic ALLISON transmission, combined with MEGATRAK independent suspension system, ensures optimal performance both on and off-road.

•Exclusive MEGATRAK™ suspension
•Exclusive MEGAFORM™ boom design
•TWIN-LOCK™ boom pinning system
•Allison Automatic Transmission
•Air Conditioning standard in both cabs
•Removable rear outrigger box
•Optional tag axle
•Optional aluminum wheels
•Optional 14X8X14 Drive\Steer

Technical characteristics:
450 000
Boom extension 60 m
Jib 12-79 m
Max. lift height 136 m