4CX Sitemaster
Product description

Backhoe loader JCB Sitemaster 4SKH a mechanical compensation system tilt bucket when lifting boom, eliminating spillage of material during loading. The hydraulic system installed on these models of backhoe loaders for maximum lifting capacity and breakout force for shestioperatsionnyh buckets and ladles general capacity from 1 to 1, 3 cubic meters, as well as the use of loading forks.

Backhoe 4SKH and backhoe 4SKH Super standard equipped with semi-automatic four-speed transmission JCB Powershift, which provides the highest-in-class performance and ease of management. The new 6-speed automatic transmission JCB Autoshift designed and created especially for those consumers of equipment that require higher performance, especially for road transport and loading and unloading operations.

Switch gears and reverse, mounted on the steering column, allows on the fly (without stopping the machine) quickly and smoothly change the speed and direction of backhoe loaders for different operating conditions (load and no load).

The mechanism of movement of hydraulic excavator linkage (JCB Powerslide), integrated fork, vibration compensation system while moving (SRS), adjustable cushion sliding outriggers and telescoping extension arm mechanism (Extradig) - this is one of the few technical improvements developed by specialists JCB, to enhance safety, ease of operation and ease of use, backhoe loader JCB 4SKH Sitemaster. And this in turn leads to higher levels of performance and achievement of objectives.

Technical characteristics:
Net engine power 100 hp
Digging depth 5.88 m
Weight 8,66 tn